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If you are a non-Australian school leaver, or you missed the deadline to apply directly to ANU, you can apply through UAC. You can check when undergraduate applications open via the UAC key dates webpage.

We will reserve undergraduate positions for students who were unable to submit a direct application. The allocation of these positions will be based on meeting the minimum admission requirements and the applicant's relative competitiveness to other candidates.

Which UAC Rounds are we participating in?

ANU only participates in selected offer rounds each intake. For information on which offer rounds have been selected for your intake, please refer to the institutions participating in offer rounds webpage

For semester 1 offer rounds, offers will be considered for all eligible applicants that did not apply or receive an offer through the ANU direct domestic undergraduate applications.

To determine the relevant deadlines for an offer round the ANU is participating in, please refer to the UAC key dates webpage.

Be prepared

Make sure you are prepared before you apply. You need:

How to apply through UAC

  1. Create an application through UAC
  2. Fill out all the information and upload relevant documentation
  3. Complete the application by paying the application fee
  4. Keep your UAC application number and pin somewhere safe
  5. Wait for results. Check the key dates.

Apply for on-campus accommodation

If you want to live on campus, we will find you a home away from home. We guarantee an offer of accommodation in one of our Halls, Colleges, Lodges to all of the following undergraduate students commencing in the first semester of their first year of study at ANU.

  • 1st year, 1st semester, domestic undergraduate and international students
  • Indigenous students
  • Students with a disability
  • Tuckwell Scholars
  • Transferring students from another Institution
  • ANU College Foundation Program (Standard program - February commencement only)

To be eligible for the guarantee you must submit your accommodation application by the applicable deadline, you can check the deadlines that apply to you, and confirm your eligibility for the accommodation guarantee, here.

Not planning on living on campus? No worries, we offer students living off campus the opportunity to engage in a dynamic and connected university experience by joining one of our non-residential halls.

Apply for scholarships

Scholarships can help relieve the financial costs of going to university. This could include university fees, rent, living costs and more. You can learn more about the scholarships on offer, including the eligibility criteria and application process for all available scholarships, here.

More information

UAC offers some great resources to support you in the application process.


UAC answers some of your most frequently asked questions.


Learn how your ATAR will be calculated.


Keep up to date with offer rounds, application deadlines, change of preference and more.

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