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Our campus is an experience, a place to belong, to live, learn and discover you. Your time with us will introduce you to enriching courses and lifelong friends and see you collaborating with other passionate people from across Australia and other countries around the world.

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What can I study?

From art, cybernetics and astronomy to neuroscience, policy and music, there’s a single or double degree for you at ANU.

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Our study choices include:

Undergraduate degrees

Heading to university for the first time? You can study a single degree or design your flexible double degree from 599 options.

Postgraduate degrees

Do you already have a degree or are you interested in research? Postgraduate study can get you closer to your calling.

Flexible double degree options

You’re one of a kind, so why study for the same degree as everyone else? A double degree at ANU can customise your studies, multiply your qualifications and supercharge your employability.