Changes to International applications

ANU students

In response to COVID-19 and the disruptions to travel and study, we have made some changes to our admissions practices for international students applying for entry into Semester 1 2021.

This includes new ways you can satisfy your English language requirements and extensions to our application deadlines.

New language test options for Semester 1 2021

ANU will now accept the Duolingo English Test (DET) for entry to coursework degrees. For candidates that don't meet the minimum requirement, this will be supplemented with an online interview (with InitialView).

The Duolingo English Test is an online English proficiency test that can be taken online with a computer and a camera, in about an hour.

The test costs US$49 and can be taken multiple times, but no more than twice in a 30-day period.

The test includes a proficiency score, video interview, and writing sample.

Please note: The Duolingo English Test and InitialView interview are only available for Semester 2 2020 coursework applications.

Requirements for Duolingo

You need a minimum score of 115.

Results take up to 48 hours to process and must be sent to ANU via the Duolingo English Test

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you use the same email address for your Duolingo English Test account as you used to apply to ANU. This helps us identify you and ensure we can promptly process your results.

What if I don’t meet the minimum requirements?

If you score below 115 on the Duolingo English Test, you can choose to re-take it (you may take it twice within a 30-day period). If your final score is 110, you may take part in an InitialView interview and writing exercise for further assessment by ANU.

Your test with InitialView will include an unscripted online interview and a writing sample which will be assessed by ANU. You need to nominate ANU to receive your interview.

The InitialView test costs USD$220 and can be taken once every 30 days.

See information on InitialView privacy.

How does this affect my student visa?

While the Duolingo English Test has been approved for entry to ANU it may not satisfy visa requirements for an Australian student visa.

You may be required to take an additional language test to qualify for a student visa.

Any questions related to student visas for study in Australia should be directed to the Department of Home Affairs nearer the time of your student visa application.

Additional offer round for Semester 1 2021

In order to assist your with your application, we have created an additional offer round for Semester 1 2021:

  • Applications close 23 December 2020
  • Offers released 23 Janurary 2021
  • Acceptance deadline 15 Febraury 2021

International Year 12 and International Baccalaureate application process

  • We will now make offers based on Year 11 results on 21 August 2020 or 18 September 2020 and these will be honoured for study in 2021 as long as students have completed Year 12. 
  • You still need to complete your Year 12 in order to be eligible for study in 2021. Offers may be conditional on English or prerequisite requirements. 
  • If your Year 11 results don't meet entry requirements for our August or September offer rounds, we will automatically consider your Year 12 results when ATARs are released in our December and January offer rounds. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Current international school leavers (year 12 students) who are completing their Australian Year 12, or International Baccalaureate in 2020 should apply through the UAC International Application process to be considered for an early offer.

How can I be considered for an offer in August?

Just complete your online application form and upload all supporting documents by 9 August 2020. You will automatically be considered for an offer based on your Year 11 results if you meet the entry requirements. Applicants from NSW or ACT do not need to upload Year 11 results. These will be obtained on your behalf.

I've already submitted my application, will I be considered for an offer in August?

If you are from NSW or ACT, your application will automatically be considered for an offer in August/September offer rounds. If you are from interstate or undertaking the IB or NCEA, you need to upload your Year 11 results before 9 August to be considered.

If I meet the entry requirements, when will I receive my offer from ANU?

Offers based on Year 11 results will be released in the 21 August 2020 or 18 September offer rounds.

Do I need to complete Year 12?

Yes, you still need to complete Year 12.

How will you assess English proficiency?

All applicants will still need to meet standard English proficiency requirements. If you would normally expect to meet English based on completion of your Year 12 qualification, your offer may be conditional until evidence is provided. The University has extended acceptance of the Duolingo English test for Semester 1 2021 and other English tests remain acceptable as per the policy.

What if my Year 11 results do not meet the entry requirements for ANU, but my Year 12 results do, can I be assessed based on my Year 12 results?

Yes, if your Year 11 results do not meet the entry requirements, you can still be assessed on your Year 12 results and may be eligible to receive an unconditional offer when final results are released.

Do I have to do anything in order to be assessed on my Year 12 results in the December or January rounds?

No, you will automatically be reassessed on your Year 12 results if your Year 11 results did not meet entry requirements, or you have changed your preference.

What if I get an offer in August, but it is not for my preferred program?

If you receive an offer in August for a program that is a lower ANU preference, you will be re-assessed for a new unconditional offer in the December/January offer rounds based on your Year 12 results. You can also change your preferences in the Change of Preference window for each round.

What if I'm unhappy with my outcome in August, can I file an appeal or complaint?

If you don't receive an offer in the August/September rounds based on your Year 11 results, we will assess your preferences against your final ATAR (plus any adjustment factors you are eligible for) and you will receive a final admissions outcome. All final admissions outcomes are reviewable under the Coursework Award Rules. If you receive an unsuccessful outcome, information will be provided in your unsuccessful notification on how to appeal.

I had planned on completing an elective in Year 12 which would give me prior knowledge for my preferred program, how will this affect my eligibility?

If we are unable to assess the pre-requisite requirement with the information in your application, you may receive a conditional offer in August/September. We may also ask you to sit a placement test which can pass the pre-requisite requirement.You may want to change your preferences to a program that does not have pre-requisites for the August/September offer rounds and then reinstate your preferences for December/January. We will re-assess your application in December/January including pre-requisites.

What if I can't do a bridging course, but I still need to meet the prerequisites for my program?

Bridging courses will still be available to support you if needed, but you must still be enrolled in the subjects that meet the prerequisites for your desired program in your Year 12.

What are pre-requisites?

Some courses at ANU have pre-requisites. This means that in order to receive an offer to study these courses you must have completed certain subjects during Year 11 or Year 12. These pre-requisites are deigned to help you thrive at university. ANU follows the state subject equivalencies set by the Universities Admissions Centre. For more information, visit the UAC information page.

Which programs have pre-requisites?

Bachelor Advanced Computing (Honours) Bachelor Engineering (Research and Development) (Honours) Bachelor Engineering (Honours) Bachelor Information Technology Bachelor Software Engineering (Honours) Diploma Computing Flexible Double Engineering or Advanced Computing Bachelor Actuarial Studies Bachelor Finance Economics and Statistics (Honours) Bachelor Statistics Bachelor Advanced Computing (Research and Development) (Honours) Bachelor Mathematical Sciences Bachelor Biotechnology Bachelor Genetics Bachelor Medical Science

How are my pre-requisites assessed?

Chemistry If you wish to study a single degree program that requires chemistry, you must have passed chemistry in Year 11. Maths For single degree programs requiring maths, you must be currently enrolled in the relevant Year 12 mathematics subjects for your chosen degree. Students who do not complete the required maths subject in Year 12 will be required to sit a placement test. If you do not achieve at an appropriate level in the placement test you may be required to complete a bridging course. Flexible Double Degree Engineering or Advanced Computing To receive an offer to the group, you must meet the minimum requirement of Mathematics Advanced (NSW or interstate equivalent). You will also need to meet the specific pre-requisite for the degrees you want to combine.

What if I want to combine a program with pre-requisites as part of a Flexible Double Degree?

Offers to study a Flexible Double degree at ANU are released in August/September and are based on you meeting our minimum selection rank. Your pre-requisite requirements are assessed when your Year 12 results are released. When you confirm your acceptance of a Flexible Double Degree in December/January you will only have the option to accept degrees for which you have met the pre-requisites.

Travel restrictions

Due to travel restrictions for all passengers entering Australia we expect that all international students who are currently abroad will participate in Semester 2 2020 via remote learning.

Once it is safe to travel and restriction have been lifted you will join us on campus in Canberra to complete your studies.

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