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There are four types of coursework scholarships:

  • Access scholarships
  • Academic scholarships
  • Sport scholarships
  • residential sponsorship

A student can be considered for any eligible coursework scholarship; however, there are restrictions around what types of scholarships can be held concurrently as well as the total annual value of the scholarship package.

A coursework student can hold a coursework scholarship package up to a total annual value of AUD $35,000 consisting of:

  • multiple ANU Access scholarships;
  • one ANU Academic or one ANU Sports scholarship; and
  • multiple Grants and Bursaries; and
  • one ANU residential sponsorship.

Students must understand the type of scholarship they are applying for or have been offered as it may affect their current ANU scholarship/s.

In the case where a student is eligible for and is awarded numerous coursework scholarships which exceed the total annual value permitted, the scholarship package will be allocated according to (in order of priority):

  1. Highest total value of combined scholarships;
  2. Highest total value within the first year of the scholarships;
  3. Longest duration of funding.

Please refer to Procedure:Scholarships,grants and bursaries (coursework) for further information.

Last updated: 22nd December 2022

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