Flexible degree options at ANU

Tailor your studies to perfectly qualify you for your dream job, or follow your head and your heart and combine a very practical degree with another in a field you're passionate about. Whatever approach you take, you'll graduate with two qualifications and employers knocking down your door.

Flexible Double Degrees

Mix your degree to match your passion. With a Flexible Double Degree from ANU you can satisfy your curiosity and keep your career options open.

Flexible Double Degrees

Benefits of a Flexible Double Degree:

  • Study two Bachelor degrees at the same time and graduate with two qualifications.
  • Two qualifications mean a clear advantage when applying for jobs and could even double your employment prospects.
  • It takes less time than studying two undergraduate degrees separately.
  • You’ll have the same full-time workload as a student doing just one Bachelor degree.

With over 750 possible degree combinations, you’ll find your perfect match.

Vertical Double Degree Pathway

Do you want to supercharge your time at ANU and graduate with a Bachelor and Masters degree within 4 years? Why not combine an undergraduate degree with a Masters by coursework and enter the workforce with an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification.

Vertical Double Degrees

Get a head start on a Master degree and gain knowledge, skills and experience to equip you to work across a broad range of roles and organisations, anywhere in the world.

Benefits of a Vertical Double Degree:

  • Study a Bachelor and a Master degree in one program and graduate with two qualifications.
  • Get credit for related areas of study, so you can save time (and money) compared with studying a Bachelor and a Master degree separately.
  • Stand out and stay competitive in the global jobs market with a Master-level qualification.

Flexible Double Master Degrees

You won’t find this degree program anywhere else.

Flexible Double Master Degrees

ANU has pioneered the Flexible Double Master Degree so you can study two Master degrees at one time to strengthen your expertise, fast-track your qualifications and supercharge your career.

Offered through the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences, head to their website to learn more.

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