Special adult entry scheme

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If you have completed year 12 and your results do not meet the minimum entry requirements for the ANU, but you already feel confident about your ability to succeed at degree level study, you should consider the special adult entry scheme (SAES).

The SAES is one of our most popular pathways for mature age students who do not hold assessable qualifications.

You will be selected for entry to an ANU program on the basis of your performance in two Special Tertiary Admission Tests (STAT). You will need to complete both tests.

  1. Multiple choice test of verbal and quantitative skills.
  2. Test of written English.

The STATs will be held on several occasions during the year. The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) administers the STAT, and you must register with ACER directly.


You are eligible to apply for the SAES if you meet the following criteria.

  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • You do not otherwise meet minimum admission requirements for entry to the University
  • You will be aged 21 years or over by 1 March of next year.

You are not eligible for the SAES if you fall within the following criteria.

  • You have undertaken tertiary studies within the past two years.
  • You have unsuccessfully attempted the SAES within the preceding three years.

Step 1: Register for both STATs

You need to register for both the mulitple choice and written English STATs by visiting the ACER website and following the prompts. Note that application fees apply.

The ACER website will list current venues and dates for STATs and release of results.

Tertiary admissions centres in other states also conduct STATs. ACER or your local tertiary admissions centre can provide advice on how to register for the STAT in your state.

Step 2: Apply for your degree program

After you register for the STATs, you need to submit a Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) undergraduate application for your preferred ANU Bachelor degree. You can list up to five preferences.

You will have the option to declare that you will sit for the STAT in your application form.

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