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About this scholarship

Funding for the award has been provided by a family member to commemorate the life of Aleksander Varga, a diligent and hardworking student who, tragically, was killed in a motor vehicle accident on 7 May, 2021.
An ANU Alumnus who graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Engineering in 2015, Aleks spent a lot of his life in Bendigo and  was proud of his upbringing in regional Australia. His willingness to help others and the value he placed on community, together with his work ethic and tenacity positioned him as an 'all-rounder' amongst his family and peers.
The objective of the Award is to assist students from a similar background and enable them to study engineering at the ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics. Awardees will demonstrate the same hard-working, "all-rounder" qualities and approach to life.  Preference will be given to applicants from regional and rural backgrounds, for equity and financial need.



$ 5,000

per annum

1 bursary of $5,000

1 on offer

Once-off payment for full value


01-Oct-2023 to 30-Nov-2023

  • Student types

  • Student levels

    Undergraduate, Flexible double degree
  • Number of scholarships awarded

    1 on offer
  • Selection bases

    Financial hardship, Regional, rural or remote

Field of study



The Award is available each year to a continuing ANU student who:
  1. is a domestic student; and 
  2. is enrolled in at least their 3rd year of the Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development) single or flexible double degree offered by the College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics.
  3. demonstrates a commitment to contribute to and participate in their community; strives to work hard academically; and holds all-rounder qualities and approach to university life.

Additional information

The value of the Award is stated in your letter of offer. The Award is paid in a one-off payment upon acceptance of the Award unless otherwise stated in the letter of offer.
The recipient is responsible for making payment of all tuition fees by the prescribed date as set out by the University each session. Recipients of the Award are responsible for the costs of books, study materials, accommodation and all other costs of study.

The application is submitted on the prescribed form. Any requirement for supporting documentation and forwarding details will be stated on the application form and/or ANU Scholarships website. The application and all supporting documentation (where applicable) must be submitted on or prior to the closing date published on the ANU scholarships website.

Contact us:

icon_human ANU College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics
icon_human +61 2 6125 6734