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About this scholarship


Note:  The ANU will assess applicants on a case-by-case basis and ANU Fee Remission scholarships are not guaranteed.

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) is a non-profit institution affiliated with the People's Republic of China (PRC) Ministry of Education. CSC is responsible for the organisation, management and provision of financial resources for Chinese citizens studying abroad, and to international students studying in China.

CSC and ANU have established the China Scholarship Council - Australian National University Joint Funding Program to provide research opportunities to high quality research students and scholars from the PRC.

Through this program, selected PRC students may be offered an ANU-CSC Postgraduate (PhD) Scholarship for a maximum of 48 months. Visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students from the PRC may also be provided funding to conduct research at ANU for a maximum of one or two years.

ANU-CSC PhD Scholarship

ANU and CSC will jointly fund up to 20 PhD scholarships each year. ANU-CSC Scholarships are awarded in a competitive ranking and selection process.



Full tuition and stipend

Payments made fortnightly

Payments made for 4 years

  • Student types

    International, Prospective
  • Student levels

    Postgraduate research
  • Selection bases

    Academic merit



In order to be eligible for the ANU-CSC Scholarships, candidates must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be a citizen and permanent resident of the PRC at the time of application
  • Meet all ANU admissions entry requirements including the English proficiency requirement, and receive either an unconditional offer of a place in an ANU PhD program, or an offer conditional on completion of their current program
  • Be selected by their ANU College or Research School for an HDR Fee Remission Merit Scholarship
  • Be eligible to receive an Australian student visa
  • Return to China at the end of the period of study
  • Satisfy other selection criteria set out by the China Scholarship Council.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to read the specific conditions that apply to this scholarship on the CSC website prior to application and to contact the CSC Scholarship Liaison Officer at their home university for clarification if required.

Field of Study

Key areas of study as outlined by the CSC include:

  • Engineering
  • Communication and information technology
  • Life sciences and public health
  • Material sciences and new materials
  • Energy and environment
  • Agriculture
  • Applied social sciences
  • Economics
  • Public policy
  • Other areas of study approved by CSC

Additional information


ANU will provide an HDR Fee Remission Merit Scholarship to cover all tuition fees for (maximum) four years for ANU-CSC Scholarship recipients.

CSC will provide a living allowance as prescribed by the PRC Government, Australian student visa application fees, mandatory student health insurance for the term of the visa, and return international airfare to Australia. Applicants are advised to apply to CSC for four years (48 months) of living allowance in order to ensure they have funding for the full duration of their HDR Fee Remission Merit Scholarship at ANU.

Application to ANU - deadline for the next ANU-CSC Scholarship: 1 December for intakes beginning the following year

Prospective applicants for the ANU-CSC Scholarship must first apply for and receive an unconditional offer of admission to ANU for their preferred PhD program, or an offer conditional on completion of their current program. Please follow the instructions set out in the postgraduate research application process.

Additional instructions:

  • Please select "Quarter 4 (Spring) Session, in the year following the 1 December application deadline or later for the expected commencement year and session. We advise applicants to choose a commencement date no earlier than Quarter 4 (Spring -October and December) as it is generally not feasible for CSC scholars to organise a student visa and travel arrangements in time to commence before October.
  • You must also select "CSC - ANU PhD Scholarship" in the scholarships dropdown menu of the "Finance & Scholarships" section.

Please ensure that your full and complete application, including all supporting documents, referee reports and evidence of English language proficiency, is received by ANU by the closing date. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their full application as early as possible.

Incomplete applications, or applications received after the closing date, may not be processed in time for consideration for the ANU-CSC Scholarship.

After applying by 1 December, by 1 March the following year, ANU will notify you of the outcome of your PhD program application, provide you with a supplementary letter at the time containing additional information required for the CSC scholarship application, and inform you of your successful/unsuccessful placement on the nomination list for the ANU-CSC Scholarship.

Please note that some applicants may be required to undergo a separate selection process at their PRC home institution for CSC Scholarships. If your home institution requires you to submit your foreign university letter of offer for their selection process before 1 March, you must submit your application to ANU at least 3 months before your university deadline, and you must inform the ANU Admissions Office ( of your home university deadline once you have submitted your application.

Application to CSC - After applying by 1 Dec the indicative deadline for the next round: 5 April the following year

You may submit your scholarship application directly to the China Scholarship Council between (indicative dates) 20 March and 5 April. Please visit the CSC website for up-to-date information regarding scholarship selection criteria, application forms, employer reference form, and application deadlines.

Please contact CSC if you require any clarification or assistance with your scholarship application.

Please do not submit your ANU-CSC PhD Scholarship application to The Australian National University, as it can only be accepted and processed by CSC.

CSC will make the final decision on all scholarship applications and will notify all successful candidates directly. The CSC expiry date and the date which all successful scholarship candidates must commence their ANU PhD Programs will be listed on the CSC award letter.

For more information about PhD studies at ANU go to Programs and Courses.

For more information about China Scholarship Council visit

ANU-CSC visiting students, scholars and doctoral fellows

In addition to the PhD Scholarship, each year ANU and CSC will jointly sponsor:

  • Up to 20 visiting PhD students
  • Up to 10 visiting postdoctoral fellows
  • Up to 10 visiting scholars


Visiting PhD students from the PRC may receive CSC funding for up to 24 months, including a living allowance as prescribed by the PRC Government (currently AUD 20,400 per annum or more depending on academic level), Australian visa application fee and return international airfare to Australia.

Visiting postdoctoral fellows and scholars from the PRC may receive CSC funding for up to one year, including a living allowance as prescribed by PRC Government (currently AUD 21,600 per annum or more depending on academic level), Australian visa application fee and return international airfare to Australia.

ANU will provide necessary resources and equipment such as office and laboratory space, computer and library access etc. to visiting PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and scholars.

Application to ANU as a visiting student, postdoctoral fellow or scholar

To apply for CSC funding to attend ANU as a visiting student, postdoctoral fellow or scholar, you will first need to find an advisor to oversee your research at ANU. Please visit the ANU Researchers website or contact your proposed Research School or Institute to identify potential advisors. You should then email potential advisors directly to discuss your proposed research topic and confirm if they are willing to support your visit to ANU.

If your proposal is accepted, please discuss with your advisor if there is any internal application procedure necessary for you to secure a visiting position within their Research School or College. The Research School or College will also be able to arrange a formal letter of invitation from ANU for you, which must be submitted directly to CSC together with the application form.

Please note that as each College or Research School within ANU has their own procedure for selecting visiting students and researchers, you should allow enough time for potential researchers to review your proposal and for you to supply any other documents required. We recommend contacting potential advisors as early as possible, but at least 3 months in advance of the CSC application closing date.

Application to CSC: indicative deadline for visiting scholars, postdoctoral fellows and scholars: 20 March for the same year you wish to commence

Please visit the China Scholarship Council website for up-to-date information on the visiting students, postdoctoral fellows and scholars program, application forms and relevant deadlines.

CSC will make the final decision on all visiting student, scholar and postdoctoral fellow applications and will notify successful candidates directly.

Contact us:

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