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About this scholarship


The Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology at The Australian National University is seeking applications from highly qualified and motivated candidates for PhD programs which enhance plant energy efficiency by simultaneously optimising energy capture, conversion and use in changing environments to improve the sustainable productivity of plants, through addressing one or more of the following centre programs:

  1. Tuning energy systems as better environmental sensors for rapid response and resilience
  2. Improving the efficiency and function of 'gatekeeper' cells that control whole-plant performance.
  3. Identifying epigenetic marks and gene variants to optimise energy use across variable environments.

Students who are unsuccessful in applying for the Jan Anderson HDR Supplementary Scholarship will be automatically considered for the ARC Centre of Excellence Plant Energy Biology Postgraduate Scholarship.



$ 7,000

per annum

1 on offer

Payments made fortnightly

3.5 years


01-Oct to 31-Oct

International: 01-Aug to 31-Aug

  • Student types

    Domestic, International, Current, Prospective
  • Student levels

    Postgraduate research
  • Number of scholarships awarded

    1 on offer
  • Selection bases

    Academic merit
  • Ongoing eligibility

    Continuation based on maintaining base stipend scholarships
  • Extension duration

    6 month extension available.

Field of study

Plant Energy Biology



The award is available each year to a prospective or continuing ANU student who:

  • is a domestic and/or international student;
  • is enrolling in a program of study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the Australian National University in the Research School of Biology (RSB);
  • is undertaking research in plant energy biology; and
  • has been awarded, and has accepted an ANU HDR base stipend scholarship


Selection is based on academic merit and the candidate's research proposal and potential.

Additional information


The successful candidate will be invited to apply for a PhD scholarship at The Australian National University (currently AUD$34,000 per annum tax free) and if successful in that application, will receive a top-up scholarship stipend of $7,000 per annum for up to 3 years in the first instance provided by the Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology.  This top-up scholarship is contingent on the successful candidate securing an ANU PhD scholarship.  International students are welcome to apply, but must bring a competitive based stipend Scholarship and be able to meet the costs of tuition fees and health insurance. For further information, see

Applications are to be emailed to and must include:

  • Completed application form (available from the top of this page);
  • the applicant's academic record.

Use contact details to request an alternative file format.

Use contact details to request an alternative file format.

The scholarships may not be deferred and must be commenced in the year as indicated on the offered letter.

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