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About this scholarship


Funding for this Award has been provided by the John C (Jack) Caldwell Chair in Population, Health and Development Endowment Fund.

The John C Caldwell Chair in Population, Health & Development was established in 1998 to honour the contribution of the late Emeritus Professor John Charles Caldwell AO, who is cited by the United Nations as "one of the most influential and prolific scientists in the field of population ... his work to frame the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa as a demographic, epidemiological and socio-cultural phenomenon is unparalleled".



$ 28,854

per annum

2022 value - Per annum for 3.5 years in the first instance, with possible 6 month extension

1 on offer

Payments made fortnightly

Payments made for 4 years


15-Oct-2020 to 15-Mar-2021

  • Student types

    Domestic, Current, Prospective
  • Student levels

    Postgraduate research
  • Number of scholarships awarded

    1 on offer
  • Selection bases

    Academic merit, Indigenous
  • Ongoing eligibility

    Continuation based on academic performance
  • Extension duration

    6 month extension available.

Field of study

Epidemiology, Population Health and/or Demography



The Award will be available when there is no current Caldwell Scholar, to a prospective or continuing student/s who is:

  1. an International student;
  2. citizen of an African country;
  3. holds a relevant Masters or Bachelor degree with First Class Honours or equivalent;
  4. is enrolled or enrolling full-time in a PhD program in either the Research School of Population Health, supervised in the National Centre for Epidemiology & Population Health, or the Research School of Social Sciences, supervised in the School of Demography.

Additional information

  • Stipend: A stipend of $28,597 AUD per year will be disbursed fortnightly (by ANU) over three and a half years indexed in alignment with the maximum AGRTP scholarships as advised by the Department of Education.
  • Fee Scholarship: Successful International candidates will be recommended for an HDR Fee Remission Merit Scholarship, to cover International Student Fees for the standard duration of the HDR program, subject to the recipient being ranked as competitive in a merit-based selection process.
  • Thesis Reimbursement: Recipients receive a one-off reimbursement of up to $500 for services associated with the production of their thesis.
  • Paid leave: Allowances for paid leave entitlements such as recreational, medical leave, maternity and paternity leave as detailed in the Conditions of Award.

For further details on the application process, please contact the RSPH Student Office on +61 2 6125 5627 (P) or (E)

Use contact details to request an alternative file format.

For further information please contact the RSPH Student Office on +61 2 6125 5627 (P) or (E)

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