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9 cheap eats at ANU

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Entering the local food scene in late 2018 and located within the heart of the ANU campus, the Kambri precinct offers a globe-trotting selection of tasty and budget-conscious menus.

There’s cheap food near ANU to satisfy even the most discerning foodie.


  • Kambri, in the heart of the ANU campus, is bursting with restaurants and cafes.
  • Among the food choices are dishes from local and international cuisines.
  • From steaming bowls of noodles to burgers and fish and chips, Kambri caters to students so prices are reasonable.

From leisurely sit-down to grab-and-go options, if hunger is your constant companion, you’re sure to find cheap food near ANU that will be your new belly bestie. Here are some awesome places to eat in the Kambri area of campus, which is literally on your doorstep!

Aerial shot of Kambri and University Ave from above Sullivans creek.

Aerial shot of Kambri and University Ave from above Sullivans Creek.

If you like… Chinese food

Focused on fresh, local ingredients and dishes handmade daily in-store, Chinese restaurant Azure Dragon at Shop 155-B1 Joplin Lane, is a definite go-to. They serve many flavour-packed offerings, including Chinese noodle dishes, hearty broths and pan-fried or poached dumplings (for vegetarians, vegans and carnivores alike).

Belly bargain: A serving of their Chicken Special, Sichuan Beef Noodle Soup, Spicy Pork Noodle or Vegan Black Bean Noodles is only $16.80.*

If you like… Korean food

Gangnam Lane (find it at Shop 155-B3 Joplin Lane) highlights all the spicy, aromatic and intensely-flavoured wonders of Korean food with its tummy-tempting takeaway menu. Traditional and modern-fusion dishes are on offer, including signature fried chicken, grilled bulgogi (super-delicious marinated meat) and sides of ramen and kimchi.

Belly bargain: Ravenous and need to pick up something on the go between lectures? Try their $10.80 lunch bowl.*

If you like… Vietnamese food

Pho is so the go if you’re after a Vietnamese staple that’s oh-so-easy to devour in minutes (a life saver if you’re running late for your next lecture). What the Pho offers Xoi Man (Vietnamese sticky rice), rice noodle salads, pork buns and Saigon rolls; freshness and flavour that’s fast. Find them at Shop 155-B5 Joplin Lane, Kambri.

Belly bargain: Grab their Saigon Combo, which includes a Banh Mi and a Vietnamese iced coffee, for $12.*

If you like… Japanese food

With a mantra to “raise the bar of traditional bento”, the team at Yori (pop into Shop 155-12 University Avenue and say hi) is passionate about dishing up “Fusion Bento” masterpieces. Sounds good to us! From their Chicken Karaage Don, Yakiniku Beef and Prawn Sensei-tion to vege delights like their Yori’s Crispy Falafel and Sweet & Spicy Tofu … it’s all Yorimazing.

Belly bargain: Yori’s Orange Box is an easy on-the-go option. Simply choose the size of your main, add dessert and a drink, then you’re done! (Oh, and keep an eye out for their regular discounts).

If you like… Turkish food

Once the staple of late-night-snack-on-the-way-home for partygoers, kebabs have matured somewhat. The Kebaba team loves preparing food in traditional ways and serving it with a smile. Hunger-busting options include kebabs, a range of beautifully-filled pides, tasty dips and sweet-scented baklava. Stop in at Shop 154-12 University Avenue, Monday to Saturday (they’re open until 9pm on weekdays so there is no excuse for skipping dinner).

Belly bargain: Any kebab and chips for $16.95 (OK, so chips aren’t traditionally Turkish, but with their crispy, golden-fried yumminess, who can resist?).*

Eateries along Joplin Lane in Kambri.

Eateries along Joplin Lane in Kambri.

If you like… Mexican food

Hola! And hello to the authentic flavours of Mexico. Ballistic Burrito may very well live up to its name — that is, when ballistic means “extremely and unusually suddenly excited”. Located at Shop 154-13 at the ANU end of University Avenue, it offers a range of classic tacos and burritos with sides, including fresh sauces and salsas. If you’re a bit on the carnivorous (but health-conscious) side, you’ll be happy to know they serve non-processed meats, slowly-cooked.

Belly bargain: If you love Mexican food, you probably love a bit of heat. But the offer of a free drink with any burrito will still bring welcome relief.*

If you like… pub food

Pub food in Australia is a somewhat generic term, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tasty. Especially if it comes from Badger & Co. (Shop 156-11 Joplin Lane). Replacing the historic ANU Bar, this on-campus pub buzzes with friendly vibes. It offers a super-satisfying menu of watering hole classics (and a few tasty beverages as well).

Belly bargain: Fill up on some Aussie basics with a chicken parmigiana, bangers (sausages) and mash, fish and chips, rump steak, pasta or tacos for $20 (or less) each.*

If you like… vegetarian food

The Food Co-op (at 3 Kingsley Street, just off Barry Drive) is a warm and welcoming, community owned-and-run grocery shop and cafe that serves healthy, delicious and organic treats, including cheap vegan lunches, baked goods, batch-brew coffee, smoothies and teas. (Gluten and dairy-free, if you prefer). The co-op shop also stocks a wide range of household supplies, the majority of which are chemical-free and certified organic/biodynamic that you can weigh in reusable containers. People- and planet-friendly means smiles all ‘round – and it’s open seven days a week.

Belly bargain: The Food Co-op’s iconic, weekday Lunch of the Day is one of the yummiest and cheapest on campus. With options changing daily, these meals are vegan and gluten-free and a total steal for students at only $7!*

If you like… DIY cooking

It’s a Friday night and you’ve had a big week of study, work, socialising and exercising or a combination of these and don’t feel like going out or getting takeaway. For all the ingredients to cook your favourite home-cooked meal, say hello to The Daily Market (at Shop 156-B1 Joplin Lane). This mini-supermarket has a range of fresh fruit and veg, groceries and chilled items to keep you on a foodie high. Plus, it’s open until 8 pm, seven days a week (perfect for late-ish night cravings).

Belly bargain: No advice-giving on this one. This is your chance to make your own tummy-satisfying, so-ready-for-the-weekend cheap and cheerful meal!*

* Venues, offers, menu items and pricing may change.

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