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Stepping onto the pitch with the ANU Women’s Football Club

Why choose ANU
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Back in 1978, ANU staff members had a bold idea. They wanted to create a space where women could play football, so the ANU Women’s Football Club (ANUWFC) was born. Fast forward to today, and the club has become a cornerstone of the Canberra football scene. With more than 3,500 female and non-binary players having laced up their boots for the club, it's safe to say the 1970s mission to create a friendly, inclusive, and supportive environment in campus football (aka soccer) for women has been a roaring success.

We visited the Sharkies at the ANUWFC and got a glimpse into what makes this club truly special.

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In the wise words of Dani Rojas, football is life.

Pitch perfect

Playing football during uni is not just about the game; it's about the friendships formed, the confidence built, and the skills honed.

Whether it's the thrill of scoring that winning goal or the simple joy of kicking a ball around with friends that appeals, the ANUWFC is a haven for everyone to thrive. Make your mark. Each player adds their chapter to the club’s rich history, making it a place where memories are made.

At ANU, community is on every corner with all the clubs and societies around. The ANUWFC is where you’ll want to be if you love football. No matter your skill level, you’ll just have fun and feel like you belong. Beyond football, or if it’s not your thing right now, the University is buzzing with groups of all kinds, ready to welcome you in.

At ANU, joining a club like the ANUWFC is all about finding what makes you happy and meeting others who feel the same. And if you don’t see a club or society that matches your vibe, you can always start your own and build a little community of like-minded people.