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We acknowledge the pressures that may prevent Indigenous Australians from accessing educational opportunities. At ANU, we are committed to the advancement of Australia's Indigenous peoples. The Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre provides a meeting place and support-base for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and staff.

The following schemes offer priority entry for Indigenous students and pathway options for entry to ANU. We also offer a number of scholarships for Indigenous students and assistance with obtaining accommodation

Applying to ANU as a school leaver

You can apply for admission, campus accommodation and multiple scholarships in one free application. You can read more about the application process here.

As an Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student, you are eligible for priority admission. This means that if you meet the admission requirements for your ANU program of choice and declare your Indigenous heritage, you will be given preference.

You may also be eligible for adjustment factors which increase your ANU selection rank. Adjustment factors are added based on high achievement in particular Year 12 subjects or music, elite athlete status or difficult circumstances you've faced.

Applying to ANU as a non-school leaver

Special consideration.

If you have completed one year of tertiary study, and your performance at either secondary or tertiary level has been adversely affected by circumstances beyond your control, or you have a record of failure, you may be eligible to submit an application for special consideration.

Adult or mature-age entry

If you are aged 21 or over on 1 March in the year in which you intend to commence an ANU program and do not have assessable qualifications, or your qualifications do not meet the University's regular entry requirements, you may be eligible for the ANU special adult entry scheme.

For further assistance, contact the Tjabal Indigenous Higher Education Centre on telephone 02 6125 4038 or email Alternatively, contact the ANU Admissions Office on telephone 02 6125 5594 or email


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