Accommodation guaranteed

Worried about a place to live when you begin your studies at ANU? We can take care of that. Students who apply through ANU are guaranteed a spot in one of our on-campus accommodation buildings. Calculate and compare prices to find an accommodation option that suits you.

Not planning on living on campus? No worries, we offer students living off campus the opportunity to engage in a dynamic and connected university experience by joining one of our non-residential halls.


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Adjustment factors

We also know that sometimes life pans out a bit differently for some students. ANU grants adjustment factors in recognition of the difficult circumstances that you may have faced in your studies. During your direct application you will be able to apply for the following entry schemes that can increase your entry rank.

  • National Entry Scheme (NAS)
  • Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) Entry Scheme

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Change of preference

In most cases, direct domestic applicants are eligible to change their preferences prior to receiving a final offer of admission.

The order of your preferences in your application is important. Preferences are assessed from first preference (the program you want to study the most) to fifth preference (the program you want to study the least).

change of preference

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Co-curricular or service requirement

You will be required to meet the co-curricular or service requirement to gain admission to ANU. This includes participation in sports, volunteering, work, caring for a family member and much more.

Participation in co-curricular or service activities will help you succeed at ANU and beyond.


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Receiving an early offer

If your application is successful you will receive an early conditional offer. A conditional offer will be converted to a full offer when you meet the academic requirements for your program and any other conditions included in your conditional offer.

At ANU we recognise that talented students come from all backgrounds. Applications to ANU are open to all students, and we will prioritise offers of admission to the following applicants:

  • students whose academic performance places them in the top-2% of their secondary school campus
  • students with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status
  • students with refugee status
  • students from low socio-economic status schools
  • students who have experienced long-term physical or psychological hardship
  • students in the final round of the Tuckwell Scholarship application process
  • students completing ANU Extension.
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Scholarships help relieve the financial costs of going to university. This could include university fees, rent, living costs and more.

If you are an elite athlete, have high academic achievements or wish to specialize in a particular field then you might be able to benefit.

ANU has over 200 scholarships on offer. When you apply through ANU, we will match you up against each one to see if you are eligible – no need to complete applications over and over again!

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Supporting documentation

Your direct application to ANU will prompt you to provide specific documentation. Make sure you are prepared.

Gather the following documentation:

  • Official ID (birth certificate, citizenship documents, passport)
  • Details of your senior secondary studies and current qualifications
  • Documents supporting your co-curricular or service activities
  • Documents supporting your eligibility for the National Access Scheme (academic, equity and elite athlete adjustment factors)
  • Additional documentation may be required depending on your circumstance, we’ll let you know if anything else is required during your application.
  • Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) Entry Scheme

You can upload each document during the application process. You can also save your application and log back in to add them before the applications close.

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Supporting your transition to ANU

To help make your transition to ANU as smooth as possible, we offer all new students an orientation program which includes:

  • pre-arrival webinars
  • pre-arrival webinars
  • an online induction
  • a meet and greet service at the airport or bus station
  • a mentoring program
  • on-campus Orientation Week

Once you arrive, you'll have access to a range of support services to help you reach your full potential, including pastoral care and mental health services, academic assistance and student advocacy through student associations.

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