Assessing your direct application

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Assessing your application

When assessing your offer, we consider:

  • if you have met the minimum admission requirements, including the co-curricular requirement , academic requirements, and any applicable additional program requirements (such as pre-requisites or portfolios); and,
  • your priority status. Entrance to ANU is competitive and meeting the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee entry

Calculating your entrance rank

Which selection rank do we use?

Offer round

Your ANU Year 11 Selection Rank.


This rank is calculated using your performance in Year 11, your school's average ATAR performance in previous years, and any applicable adjustment factors. Your ANU Selection rank is a measure of your suitability for our programs; it may differ from ATAR-predications provided by your school. We do not use, or calculate your predicted ATAR.

To successfully calculate an ANU Selection Rank we need to receive your results in a certain format. While most schools in Australia will already use this format, some do not. Please download the ANU Supplementary Form. If your result format is not one of the acceptable formats, please ask your school to translate your grades  using the ANU Supplementary Form.


The completed supplementary form with your school reports should be uploaded against your application.

Early round offers are ranked using your Year 11 rank only.

Offers are conditional on your completing your senior secondary studies with an ATAR.

Your ANU Year 12 Selection Rank

This rank is your ATAR and any applicable adjustments.

Final round offers are ranked using whichever rank is higher.

Program Pre-requisites or Additional Selection Criteria

Some programs at ANU have pre-requisites. This means that in order to receive an offer to study these programs you must have completed certain subjects during Year 11 or Year 12. These pre-requisites are designed to help you thrive at university. You can find out more about programs which have pre-requisites by going to our Programs and Courses page.

ANU follows the state subject equivalencies set by the Universities Admissions Centre. For more information, visit the UAC information page.

Program Pre-requisites and how do we assess them?

If you wish to study a single degree program that requires chemistry, you must have passed chemistry in Year 11.

For single degree programs requiring maths, you must be currently enrolled in the relevant Year 12 mathematics subjects for your chosen degree.  
Students who do not complete the required maths subject in Year 12 will be required to sit a placement test. If you do not achieve at an appropriate level in the placement test you may be required to complete a bridging course.

Flexible Double Degree Engineering or Advanced Computing:    
To receive an offer to the group, you must meet the minimum requirement of Mathematics Advanced (NSW or interstate equivalent). You will also need to meet the specific pre-requisite for the degrees you want to combine within the Flexible Double degree.  
Offers to study other Flexible Double degree at ANU are released in September and are based on you meeting our minimum selection rank.  
Your pre-requisite requirements are assessed when your Year 12 results are released. When you confirm your acceptance of a Flexible Double Degree in December/January you will only have the option to accept degrees for which you have met the pre-requisites.

You can upload your year 12 enrolment information to your application until the document submission deadline.

If you have not enrolled in the required course, you should consider bridging programs to assist you with obtaining the courses you need for your desired program. You can also look at alternative programs that do not require the prerequisite and apply for internal transfer to be considered for your preferred program. If you are concerned about this affecting your ability to get an unconditional offer at ANU, please contact

Additional Selection criteria

Some programs at ANU have additional selection criteria which is assessed alongside your academic results to determine your eligibility for an offer. You can find out more details about these programs here.

Priority admission

Applications to ANU are open to all students, and we prioritise offers of admission by the following tiers: 

Tier 1: 

Tier 2: 

  • students whose academic performance places them in the top-2% of their secondary school campus 

Tier 3: 

  • All other students 

Here's how it works: 

  • Bahaar performs well academically and is of Torres Strait Islander heritage. They apply to ANU and have ANU Selection Rank of 91 and tier 1 status. 
  • James is in the top-2% of students in his school. They apply to ANU and has an ANU Selection Rank of 90 and tier 2 status. 
  • Sarah is an academically talented student, but doesn't fall in the top 2% of students in their school, nor are they a member of one of the identified priority criteria. They apply to ANU and have an ANU Selection Rank of 92 and tier 3 status. 

All the students have listed the same program as their first preference, meet the co-curricular or service requirement, and fulfil the academic requirements for their preferred program. 

Under the admissions process, the first place is allocated to Bahaar as they have tier 1 status, the second place is allocated to James in tier 2 and the third place is allocated to Sarah in tier 3. 

Changing preference

If you didn't receive an early offer, or you have changed your preferences, we will automatically reassess your application based on the better of the Year 11 Selection Rank and the Year 12 Selection Rank.

You will be made an offer to your highest eligible preference. If you received an early offer directly from ANU, your early offer will be honoured as long as the early offer program remains as your highest eligible preference and you complete Year 12 with an ATAR (or equivalent) in 2024.

If you change or re-order your preferences, your application will be reassessed in the order of your new preferences. If you are eligible and competitive for a preference which is higher than your early offer preference, your early offer will be replaced with the new offer in December/January and you will no longer be able to confirm your early offer acceptance.

If you have a UAC application as well please do not add an ANU preference (besides Bachelor of Health Science), as we will consider your direct application only, so make sure that you upload documents and change preferences in your direct application only.

Are English and math mandatory?

Not for general admission to ANU; some programs do have a maths pre-requisite.

ANU had planned to implement an English and mathematics requirement for students applying for admission in 2024. This requirement would have required all applicants to complete at least one English and one mathematics course during their senior secondary studies.

While we strongly believe studying these subjects is valuable and the skills you learn will help you succeed at ANU and beyond, they are now not mandatory for most programs. Please be advised some programs do have a mathematics pre-requisite, or assume you have studied senior-secondary mathematics. You can check the requirements for your preferred degree on Programs and Courses.

Additional Information for applicants

The National Register of higher education providers is an official source where you can confirm your institution of choice is registered to deliver higher education in Australia.

The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website allows you to do side-by-side comparisons of Australian universities, so you can find out more about the universities that interest you.

The University reserves the right to alter or discontinue its programs as required.

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