Understanding the minimum entrance requirements

After you submit your application, we check to see that you meet the minimum admission requirements to study at ANU. Please be advised that entrance to ANU is competitive, and meeting the minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee entry.

Minimum admission requirements

International Undergraduate

  1. To be considered for entry to an undergraduate coursework degree, you need to meet the University's minimum academic requirement through your senior secondary studies, or after having completed one year of an Australian Bachelor Degree or other qualification accepted by ANU as comparable to an Australian Bachelor Degree as per the Australian Qualification Framework.
  2. Make sure you have checked the entry requirements for your preferred program and year (2024). Some programs have additional entry requirements such as prerequisites or portfolios.
  3. You may be considered for a conditional offer if you are not yet meeting all requirements (including the University’s English language requirements.)

International Postgraduate

  1. To be admitted to a postgraduate coursework degree, you need to already hold or be about to complete an Australian Bachelor Degree or other qualification accepted by ANU as comparable to an Australian Bachelor Degree as per the Australian Qualification Framework.
  2. Some programs may have specific requirements. You can check the requirements for your preferred program, including pre-requisites, cognate requirements and work experience via the Programs & Courses website.
  3. You may be considered for a conditional offer if you are not yet meeting all requirements (including the University’s English language requirements.)

Receiving an outcome

Once we’ve reviewed your application, we let you know the outcome as soon as possible. There are four possible response you could receive:

1. Your application is incomplete.

If you do not provide all the documents we requested, we will notify you and allow you to send the missing documents to us so that we can complete the assessment of your application.

When applying directly to ANU, we may offer you an offer conditional upon fulfilling specific academic or English language requirements. Please review the conditions listed on the offer for further details.

Documents requested by the Admissions Office or to satisfy the conditions listed in your conditional offer must be uploaded directly to your Studylink application.

2. You are ineligible for admission to ANU.

If you don't meet our minimum admission requirements for entry to ANU, we notify you that you are ineligible to apply. We encourage you to work on your English language skills or academic grades, and to try and apply to ANU again in the future.

3. You are ineligible for your preferred program.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements for any of your preferred programs:

  • You may automatically be considered for an alternative program which may be used as a pathway into your original program preference. You may also be considered for a packaged offer if available. We will clarify this on your offer letter; or
  • We may advise you that you must change preference to a different program with lower entry requirements. 

4. Your application is successful. 

If your application is successful, you will receive an offer to study at ANU.

How we calculate your entrance rank

When you apply to ANU, we will calculate an entrance rank which we use to determine your eligibility and suitability for our programs.

Undergraduate Programs

We use your academic qualification or sequence of study to give you an ANU Selection Rank out of 99.95. Your ANU Selection Rank is used to determine if you meet the minimum requirements for your preferred ANU program.

Undergraduate programs - predicted results

If you're applying to one of our undergraduate programs and are currently completing the GCE A Levels, IB diploma or Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, you can apply directly to us using your predicted results. If you have already completed the IB diploma, we recommend you apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can apply to any of our undergraduate programs that have a minimum requirement of 94 or below
  • You can be assessed on predicted results for commencement in the semester 2 (July) only.
  • If you're a school leaver who has completed the IB diploma, you'll be considered for adjustment factors only if you apply through UAC
  • If final results are available, you must apply using those results

If you do use your predicted results to support your application your predicted results must be on official school letterhead and in the same format as the final results and must include:

  • The date of issue of the letter;
  • Your expected graduation date;
  • The expected date of release of official results;
  • The predicted result for each subject undertaken, and,
  • Be signed by the school principal, registrar or equivalent.

Your predicted results must be issued as close as possible to when you submit your application and, where possible include your Year 11 and first semester Year 12 academic results.

Postgraduate Programs

ANU uses a 7-point Grade Point Average (GPA) scale. All qualifications submitted for admission at ANU are converted to this common scale. This GPA will determine if you meet our published admission requirements.

We understand that depending on the time that you apply to ANU, you may not have completed the final semester of your prior study. To make sure that you and all other candidates are fairly assessed, we exclude your final semester when we calculate your GPA. What does this mean?

The GPA for a Bachelor program will be calculated from (i) a completed Bachelor degree using all grades and/or (ii) a completed Bachelor degree using all grades other than those from the last semester (or equivalent study period) of the Bachelor degree. 

Do be aware that your enrolment at ANU will be conditional on you successfully completing your program which includes your final semester. Successful completion means being awarded your degree (or equivalent).

Changing preferences or intake

You can list up to three preferences in your application. However, you are able to change your program preference and/or your intake any time after you have submitted an application. Change of preference requests can be submitted by contacting the Admissions Team at

Accepting your offer

If you receive an offer to study at ANU - congratulations! Your Letter of Offer will give you a date by which you need to accept your offer. Remember to accept your offer on time - if you don't, your offer may be made void. To request an extension to your acceptance deadline, email


When can I expect to receive my offer? 

Offers are issued on an ongoing basis. Most applications will be assessed within ten business days of submission.

For example, if you apply on the 1st of the month, you can expect a response on or before the middle of that month.

How long do I have to accept my offer? 

A set offer acceptance deadline has been established for each semester.

  • The standard acceptance deadline for Semester 2 is 30 June if you are overseas, and 10 July if you are in Australia at the time of accepting your offer.
  • The standard acceptance deadline for Semester 1 is 15 January if you are overseas, and 31 January if you are in Australia at the time of accepting your offer.

Extensions to the acceptance deadline may be available. To request an extension, contact

I have received an offer, but I want to change my preference or start in a later semester. What do I do?

You or your agent should email to request a change of preference and, or intake. Your email should include the following minimum information:

  • Your name
  • Your application ID (it starts with a 'W') and if known, your ANU ID.
  • Your agency (if applicable); and,
  • the name and commencement date of the program you’d like to be assessed for.

Will I still receive a preliminary outcome?

No, we no longer issue preliminary outcome. Once your application has been assessed, we will either issue an assessment outcome (an unconditional offer, conditional offer or a rejection), or contact you to request additional information.

How do I provide additional documentation?

We ask that you upload it directly to your application. We are notified whenever new documentation is provided, so there is no need to email us.

How do preferences work?

You can list a maximum of three preferences in your application. We will assess each preference. You can expect a single offer to your highest eligible preference.

We will let you know if you are ineligible for all your preferences.

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