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Students come to ANU with a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds. We recognise that many of our new students have taken different pathways after leaving school, often a long time ago, and are now ready to make the first step towards university.

If you are a domestic resident over the age of 21 who wishes to study at ANU but lacks an assessable qualification, don't worry, there are alternative pathways available to meet your specific needs.

Entry pathways

Special Adult Entry Scheme

If you have completed year 12 but the results are below the minimum entry requirements, you should consider the Special Adult Entry Scheme (SAES). The SAES is one of our most popular pathways for mature age students who do not hold assessable qualifications.

Preparatory Program

You can also consider taking a preparatory program to develop further skills before attempting degree-level study. After completing a recognised preparatory program, you can use this qualification to apply to ANU.

Diploma or Advanced Diploma

ANU assesses qualifications at a diploma level (AQF level 5) or higher. Assessments of qualifications at the certificate level are not conducted. It is essential for the diploma qualification to be graded so that we can calculate a selection rank for you to meet the program entry requirement.

University study

You could also consider studying for one year (1 FTE) at another university and then transferring to ANU. The process of transferring between universities is similar to applying for the first time. Please visit our "Transferring to ANU" webpage for more information.

If you have already completed one of the pathways listed above, then you are eligible to apply to ANU. Please visit our Domestic Undergraduate webpage, select your preferred program(s), and begin your application now.

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ANU Future Students