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About this scholarship


The Fox International Fellowship is a graduate student exchange program between Yale University and other world-renowned partner universities including ANU. The Fox International Fellowship Program aims to identify and contribute to the education of outstanding students and identify "citizen scholar ambassadors" who, by virtue of their academic and extracurricular record, can be expected in the future to participate in guiding the world toward a more peaceful order.

A 'citizen scholar ambassador' is a student whose research furthers the goal of the fellowship to expand and sustain global civic discourse and who possesses both the ability to communicate with a wider audience and the potential to become a leader in or out of academia. Due to this, the Fox International Fellowship is awarded on account of both the research proposal and the personal leadership qualities of the candidate.

The Fox Fellowship is a tremendous opportunity to engage in independent research at Yale University, audit classes, attend workshops, network with academics working in your field and join a vibrant Fox Fellowship alumni group.

Each year one candidate from ANU is sent to reside at Yale and one or more Yale candidates attend the ANU. The ANU can nominate up to four candidates who will then be invited to submit a full application directly to Yale. The Yale Selection Committee will then make a selection from this group.

Fox International Fellows undertake an independent research project for an academic year in one of the following areas:

  • Social sciences including political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, psychology and geography.
  • Humanities disciplines including philosophy, history and law.

The Fox International Fellowship period is ten months, usually beginning in mid-August and ending at the end of May of the following year.



20-Nov-2023 to 09-Jan-2024

  • Student types

    Domestic, International, Current
  • Student levels

    Postgraduate research
  • Number of scholarships awarded

    1 on offer
  • Selection bases

    Academic merit



Graduate level candidates pursuing postgraduate research degrees. Due to the USA visa restrictions, candidates have to be enrolled in a degree granting program at the partner institution for the duration of the Fox International Fellowship.

Please also note:

  • The Fox International Fellowship is NOT open to postdoctoral applicants.
  • USA citizens are not eligible to apply for the Fox International Fellowship, unless they have citizenship of another country and have never studied (Undergraduate and Graduate level) in the USA.
  • International candidates proposing projects in their home country are NOT eligible for the Fox International Fellowship.
  • Selection criteria can be found below in the Further information section

Additional information


A complete application must include:

  • A filled in Application Form (a copy of this form can be viewed and downloaded via the 'Reference document' section on this webpage).
  • Academic Transcripts.
  • Two recommendation letters from faculty members.

Please send completed applications to the Graduate Research Office (GRO) via email to

Use contact details to request an alternative file format.

Selection criteria

  1. Personal characteristics: Candidates must demonstrate commitment to serious research and a capacity for leadership and civic engagement in the larger community. The candidate clearly understands and has demonstrated commitment to being a "citizen scholar" ambassador.
  2. Field of focus: Candidates should be engaged in a relevant social science (including political science, political theory, sociology, anthropology, economics, psychology and geography) or humanities discipline (including philosophy, history and law). The candidate's overall program of studies or degree may come from different disciplines and departments as long as their project focuses on one or more of these fields. Training in some type of substantive interdisciplinary fields such as business/management, public administration, international relations, environmental policy and public health are especially attractive.
  3. Language skills: The candidate's language skills must be sufficient both to succeed in their research project and to engage in the intellectual and social community of the host university and their colleagues in the Fox International Fellowship at Yale. Candidates for the Fox International Fellowship at Yale University must an excellent command of the English language in conversation, reading and writing.
  4. Research Proposal: Candidates will be given preference for demonstrating excellence in their field of study.


The ANU can nominate up to four candidates who will then be invited to submit a full application directly to Yale. The Yale Selection Committee will then make a selection from this group.

Contact us:

icon_human Graduate Research Office
icon_human +61 2 6125 5777