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About this scholarship


Each year the Australian National University may offer a number of awards known as the Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship with the objective to assist Indigenous students with relocation and accommodation costs when moving from rural or regional areas or for those who are required to move out of the family home to study at the University.



$ 7,500

per annum

5 on offer

Payments made per semester

Payments made for 3 years


01-Mar-2023 to 15-May-2023

  • Student types

    Domestic, Current, Prospective
  • Student levels

    Undergraduate, Honours, Postgraduate coursework, Postgraduate research, Flexible double degree, Graduate Certificate, Master Degree
  • Number of scholarships awarded

    5 on offer
  • Selection bases

    Financial hardship, Regional, rural or remote
  • Ongoing eligibility

    Continuation based on academic performance

Field of study



The Award is available to a commencing or continuing ANU student who:
  1. is a domestic student; and
  2. identifies as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person; and 
  3. receives an offer of admission to or is currently enrolled in an undergraduate, postgraduate or research degree offered by the University; and
  4. has relocated from a regional or rural area (as defined by the ASGS Remoteness Areas - 2016) to study at the University; or
  5. is required to live on campus and/or move out of the family home in order to study at the University; and
  6. is able to demonstrate low socio-economic status either:
    • by receiving a means-tested Commonwealth income support payment (such as Austudy, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance, etc.); or
    • on the basis of an assessment conducted by or on behalf of the eligible scholarship provider.

Additional information


The scholarship offers a stipend of $7,500 per annum paid in equal instalments at the beginning of each semester for up to 3 years.

All applicants applying for admission through the ANU Admission Scholarship and Accommodation Application System will be automatically considered for the Award based on them meeting the eligibility criteria and electing to be considered for scholarships.
Where there are no eligible direct applicants or where the pool of eligible direct applicants has been exhausted, the Award may be offered to a current eligible undergraduate, postgraduate or research student or an eligible applicant to the University.

When you apply directly to ANU for admission as a domestic undergraduate student, you will have the opportunity to be considered for this opportunity within the same application. Other such support options are enlisted on the Direct application scholarships page.

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