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5 things you can find out at ANU Information Day

Why choose ANU
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Looking to study a degree overseas and curious about The Australian National University (ANU)? That’s why we’re coming to a city near you! ANU Information Days offer an excellent opportunity to learn more about what studying in Australia with us is like.

Here are the top five things you can expect to find out at our upcoming ANU Information Days in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, India and Malaysia.


  • ANU Information Days are a great way to learn more about our campus and student life while in your home country.
  • Ask staff and alumni all your ANU questions in person and hear about university experiences first-hand.
  • Learn more about our range of study options and find a degree that aligns with your career and lifestyle goals.

1. Uni life at ANU

We want you to experience our university, so we’re bringing ANU Information Days to you. Our staff and alumni are preparing to talk with you about our campus and university life. Learn about 110 student-led social clubs, ideal for meeting other students and exploring your passions.

Listen as we describe the unique spaces that define our campus, including amazing cafes, cosy study spots, student residences, incredible art museums and high-tech robot labs. The ANU campus caters to every type of student, so feel free to ask about the areas that interest you most.

Three women sit at an ANU Information Day help desk in front of a laptop.

Learn all about the culture and experiences of ANU students at Information Day.

2. Your degree options

ANU is proud to be one of the top universities in Australia, with world-leading research and innovation all happening on our campus. At ANU Information Days, our academic colleges will talk about degree programs and courses, and how your study at the university can help support your career dreams and goals for the future. We have information on each degree, so you can ask questions on the day about your study options and how you can design your own flexible double degree to suit your interests and goals.

Information Days are also a great opportunity to learn about the unique scholarship opportunities available for international students.

A man browses a brochure at a recent ANU Information Day.

Get a better understanding of your study options at ANU by attending an Information Day.

3. Canberra, the home of ANU

ANU staff will be your guides for learning about Canberra at Information Day. Find out all about the beauty of Australia’s capital city and how campus living at ANU perfectly blends country and urban environments. Surrounding our campus are Canberra’s mountains, lakes, and trails, which are just a short drive away. You’ll discover that our campus is nestled in greenery and close to the coolest cultural spots, within walking distance.

Ask about our range of student residences, and hear more about our accommodation guarantee, which ensures first-year students a comfortable room in a dynamic and supportive student residence.

An ANU staff member chats to guests at a recent ANU Information Day.

ANU Information Days are a great place to ask questions about our range of support services.

4. How ANU supports students

Moving to a new country for study is a big lifestyle adjustment, and ANU is here to provide help and support every step of the way. At our Information Days, find out and ask questions about our range of support services, available remotely and on campus for students. These are completely free and cover a range of concerns – from medical care to legal advice and counselling.

Two staff sit smiling at a general information desk at an ANU Information Day.

Information Days give you the chance to meet the people of ANU and connect with the community.

5. Applying to ANU

Learn all about the application process, from the important deadlines to the various ways you can apply. This will help you know the necessary supporting documents you’ll need to get together and make applying for your chosen study option easier.