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University scholarships: everything you need to know

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If you need financial support to come to The Australian National University (ANU), scholarships are the number one way to get it. Read on and discover some useful info about university scholarships: what they are, the various types, who's eligible, how to find them and, finally, how to apply for a scholarship at ANU.


  • A university scholarship can cover tuition fees, accommodation and general living expenses.
  • You can find a list of scholarships on the ANU website.
  • If you apply directly to ANU, we'll automatically assess your eligibility for most scholarships and, if successful, grant you one with your admission offer.

What is a university scholarship?

A university scholarship is financial assistance granted to students to help pay for study expenses. It usually includes things like tuition fees, accommodation and travel home. A few scholarships also help with living expenses, like an allowance.

University scholarships can be awarded for various reasons, but the most common is academic performance. Many also recognise involvement in extracurricular activities like community engagement or financial disadvantage.

Some university scholarships are only available to students studying a specific degree or course. However, the majority are offered to the most eligible students regardless of their chosen degree.

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A scholarship can cover study-related expenses, helping to make university education more affordable.

What do university scholarships cover?

The benefits that a university scholarship provides may vary. At ANU, our course-related scholarships range in value from a few thousand dollars to $35,000 a year. Scholarships not related to courses, like the Tuckwell Scholarship, pay $26,000 annually to cover living costs, including accommodation and book expenses.

Some prestigious scholarships may provide other benefits, too. For example, the Tuckwell Scholarship, unique to ANU, grants access to one-on-one mentorships, personal development opportunities and a prestigious scholar community. Other universities may also offer scholarships that provide a comprehensive package of benefits.

No matter what, a university scholarship should cover at least part of your expenses.

ANU students in the common area of a student residence.

Prestigious ANU scholarships often cover student accommodation and general living expenses and provide unique mentoring, networking and career development opportunities.

How to find a university scholarship

Our website includes a list of the ANU scholarships available to prospective students. The list includes scholarships offered by ANU and external organisations, such as Australian Government agencies and private companies. You can apply filters to narrow the range of scholarships to the ones you're specifically eligible for.

In most cases, there's no need to compile a list of scholarships you'd like to apply for. As we explain in the next section of this article, ANU will automatically assess you for many of the scholarships you're eligible for when you send your application in.

An ANU student with her laptop.

You can find a list of ANU scholarships on the ANU website.

How to apply for an ANU scholarship

Applying for an ANU scholarship is easy. Whether you're a prospective international student or a domestic school leaver, you can opt-in for scholarships within your ANU application form. When you send it in, we'll use the information in your application to assess you for a range of scholarships and let you know in a letter if there are any we'd like to award you when we send your admissions offer.

Domestic school leavers can also express interest in the Tuckwell Scholarship, which requires a separate application.

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Applying is easy! If you apply directly to ANU, you’ll be automatically assessed for most scholarships.

Rural and regional scholarships

If you live in a rural or regional area, you can access a range of exclusive ANU scholarships to make attending university more accessible. Some pay significant amounts, like the Kim Jackson Scholarship, which pays $20k annually to women from rural or regional areas to study engineering at ANU.

Another scholarship you may be eligible for as a domestic student is the Bright Horizons Scholarship. It's available to school leavers from regional or rural areas who have experienced hardship or disadvantage, including attending a high school in a non-metropolitan area.

First Nations students are also assessed for the Kambri Indigenous Undergraduate Scholarship. The Kambri scholarship is an expansive program with financial and pastoral support. Valued at up to $30,000, it can cover student accommodation, living costs, trips home and other expenses - and reduce any worries about being able to finance your higher education.

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ANU offers various unique, prestigious scholarships, such as the Kambri, Tuckwell and Chancellor’s International Scholarships.

The Tuckwell Scholarship

With 25 places available each year and a valuation between $76,000 and $136,000, the Tuckwell Scholarship is one of Australia's most transformative university scholarships.

Meet some Tuckwell scholars. They receive an allowance of $26,000 per annum to cover student accommodation costs, books and other living expenses. It also offers a relocation grant, travel allowances and membership of the ANU Sports Centre.

All these benefits make the Tuckwell program a truly transformative scholarship, focused on nurturing your academic and leadership skills and preparing you for life after uni.

The Chancellor’s International Scholarship

The ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship, awarded for excellent academic achievement, is available to prospective international undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarship provides a substantial discount on tuition fees and the tuition deposit, which can make attending ANU in Canberra, Australia, more affordable. Occasionally, students get an ANU scholarship and one offered by their home country, making studying abroad even more accessible.

ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship recipients are typically high-calibre students who are academically talented. Read Trevin's story to learn more about its benefits.

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Now that you know more about university scholarships, explore the full range of ANU scholarship options.