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Journey from here: Your global ANU ticket to a futureproof world

Why choose ANU
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Doomscrolling got you down? Climate change and combat zone headlines making your head spin? ANU is your ticket to a world much more lit than your social media newsfeed.

Forget textbooks and algorithms feeding you the same old stuff. Surround yourself instead with a diverse community and global professors who are rock stars in their fields – and take up as many opportunities to travel during your degree as you can.

Here are just a few reasons why ANU is your ticket to a futureproof world.


  • ANU is your ticket to a world of amazing global perspectives.
  • Our professors are more than teachers; they are globetrotting explorers, inventors and thought leaders at the forefront of their disciplines.
  • Ways ANU gets you out of the lecture hall and into the world include study tours, internships and international student exchange experiences.

A-list globetrotting professors

ANU professors aren't just teachers; they're globetrotting explorers, inventors and thought leaders at the forefront of their disciplines. Professor Peter Yu, the inaugural Vice President (First Nations), is leading change for Indigenous Australians, and Professor Leonie Quinn is spearheading brain cancer research. Their passion and real-world experience will ignite a curiosity you never knew existed.

Imagine dissecting climate solutions with an Amazon rainforest researcher or exploring AI with visiting scholars from around the world. Talk about mind-blowing!

Professor Leonie Quinn leading a tour of cancer research facilities at ANU.

There are so many incredible professors to meet and connect with at ANU.

Beyond the classroom: global study tours

ANU gets you out of the lecture hall and into the world. Study tours whisk you to Europe and Asia for hands-on research experiences. Peer through a microscope in a Swiss lab at the latest advancements in gene editing or tinker in a German lab with sustainable energy robots. These immersive experiences will see you collaborate with international researchers, witness innovative technology and get a taste of what it's like to be a real scientist pushing boundaries.

The stairs facing Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

A study tour at ANU could land you in Paris. Baguette, anyone?

Meet global grads

Asha Clementi: Equality advocate Asha dove deep into women's education on an ANU study tour to Myanmar. She explored the gap between education and future opportunities through policy analyses and interviews. This is real-world learning at its finest!

Zoe Logan: A political science wiz with a global mindset, Zoe thrived on connecting with world-famous academics and leaders at conferences, workshops and an epic study tour at ANU. She designed her first major research project in Myanmar, proving that ANU helps develop global perspectives.

David Chieng: This world-travelling law and art student leveraged ANU exchange programs, taking a language course in Japan and a law program at the London School of Economics and Political Science. ANU has helped him pursue his global ambitions.

Plus, ANU boasts a massive alumni network worldwide, which means you'll have instant connections wherever you choose to take your skills after graduation.

ANU alumna Asha Clementi speaking to a room of professionals.

The opportunities to become a global leader are limitless at ANU.

Exchange your world view: long and short-term global programs

The world is your classroom! Immerse yourself in vibrant cultures with a short course or ANU exchange at a university in Asia, Europe, South America and beyond. Experience decoding ancient texts in South Korea or tackling environmental challenges in China while forging friendships and building global networks. ANU can help make it affordable. Explore financial options.

The campus of Seoul National University in South Korea.

Study an exchange program at some of the world’s most coveted universities, such as the Seoul National University in South Korea.

Virtual internships: create change from anywhere

Borders can't stop you from making a difference. ANU has virtual internships connecting you with international NGOs tackling climate change, human rights and other issues. See yourself working on a global social media campaign for sustainable development in Africa or assisting with European refugee integration policies – all from the comfort of your home. Of course, ANU also offers amazing in-person internships across Australia and in the national capital. Discover nine ANU internships you can’t get anywhere else.

Two ANU students studying on laptops.

Take on global issues without leaving Canberra.

Make friends from 100 countries around the globe

ANU is Australia’s most international uni, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024. That means that our campus has a fun multicultural vibe, with students and staff coming here to study and work from 100 countries. So, if travelling isn’t your thing, you can get some of our many global benefits without leaving home.

A group of ANU students walking down University Avenue on campus.

Connect with students from around the world and make new friends every day at ANU.

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ANU: your global ticket

Ditch the doomscrolling and purchase your global ticket to our diverse, dynamic world brimming with possibilities. Explore ANU study areas and start your next big journey here.