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Our essential tips for decorating your uni room

Uni ready
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Moving into a uni dorm and looking for some ways to make it feel like home, but still cute? We’ve got you covered with some simple tips to transform your space.


  • Less is more – or if you’re going to have more, at least keep it organised! Clutter is a no-go in uni rooms, but that’s when strategic storage becomes your best friend.
  • Make your space feel like you, and if you’re feeling stuck for inspo, head to your friend’s rooms to see how they’ve been decorated.
  • Atmosphere is key in a space – so consider lighting and bringing in greenery to your room. You’re going to be spending a lot of time there!

Keep your small space clutter-free

So, you know that growing pile of clothes in the corner that looks freaky in the middle of the night? Uni dorm rooms are small, so it’s time to say goodbye to that fun habit and hello to clutter-free surfaces and a clean, cosy space. Keeping your room tidy can be annoying, especially with all the fun things you'd rather be doing at uni, but with the right storage solutions it's totally doable. Find organisers that match your vibe and style, and stash everything out of sight. Our tip? Go to IKEA, Kmart, and Big W for affordable, cute, and sturdy storage options like baskets, underbed storage containers and stackable desk supplies.

Pink puffer jackets and fleeces flung over a chair.

Hot tip: don’t let clutter build up. Do a little bit of cleaning in your uni room each day so it stays neat.

Get comfy and creative

Making your uni room feel more like home is easier than you think. You can fill it with your collection of Sonny Angel dolls, put up some wholesome pics of your fam and besties or try out different linen styles (Bed Threads has super cute quilt cover colours and designs). The more you see yourself in your space, the comfier you'll feel.

A cosy university room, decorated with pictured, a teddy bear, and fairy lights.

You have all the freedom in the world to make this room a reflection of you – time to get creative!

Go to your neighbours’ rooms for inspo

Inspo can hit at the most unexpected times, like during a casual visit to a fellow resident's room. Everyone has their own unique style of decorating, so if you're feeling stuck on how to use your space, take a peek at how your neighbours have set up theirs. Chances are, you all have similar rooms, and you might find some iconic ideas to weave into your own interior design.

A decorated room within ANU student accommodation on campus.

Knock, knock. Just having a look at your cool uni room design and taking some notes…

Let there be light

Just because there’s an overhead light doesn’t mean you have to have to use it. In fact, we actually discourage it (is this an anti-big light campaign? Maybe a little). Making your room homely and vibey can easily be done with just some strategic ambient lighting choices. Table lamps, twinkling string lights, salt lamps, LED strips, you name it. You can also go the extra mile and get coloured and dimmable smart bulbs so you can customise the specific tones and hues of the light in your room depending on your mood.

A picture of a canvas lamp beaming warm light.

There’s something automatically relaxing about an ambient light. Maybe it’s the golden hues?

Uni room or jungle?

If you think about it, house plants are a step away from being pets. You need to feed them, give them love but they’re great company. Let’s face it, uni rooms can feel a bit sterile to start with, but a little greenery along with decorations and lighting can really warm things up. Plus, plants purify your air, so you can breathe easy knowing your plant babies have your back. The Green Vine Plants and Urban Jungle have lots of potted options, from big to small, to help you start your room jungle.

House plants within a bedroom, next to a shelf.

You can never have too many plants. That is a scientific fact.